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Woof- New Load with many problems.

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I just installed Woof and the following problems are occurring:

  1.  auto-filter function isn't working.
  2. when i choose the filter button that is in the wrong place to begin with, it doesn't filter correctly.  No matter what category I choose it takes my 60 items and filters it to 58.  The same results which is all the items continues to show.
  3. The Apply Filters button is missing.  I was able to get Clear Filters button showing.  The Filter button that is showing is under the slider filter and it a different shape and style.
  4. The wording in the search by SKU and search by Text boxes are not showing up centered and readable.
  5. In the filter pane on the right the Product Categories title needs to be changed to Need Categories.  I don't see where to do this.
  6. When I attempt to change the styling of the radio buttons the system will not allow any changes.

I'm using WordPress 5.2.3, BuddyBoss 1.1.7, Woo Side Cart, Ninja Tables Pro, PDF Embedder, Really Simple CAPTCHA, WP Image Zoom, and WP Google Map Plugin.  I use Safari, FireFox, and Chrome.  All of the browsers show the same problems.


Please drop  me  exact  link to the  issue

This is a woocommerce shop page.  Not the default they have but I pointed it to this page.  I have the premium version of Woof.

I also just enabled Frontend Editing and it isn't working properly.  It won't save changes.

Sorry Frontend Editing is another plugin.  Disregard.



I can not check -

What do you need so you can check?


You  drop me  link to the  issue -  - I can not see this page! -

Also please paste your license key here -



I submitted the information in the private data.


Ok! I got  it

Please  add  FTP access

Can  I deactivate  plugins/theme  to  test?

Yes you can deactivate plugins to test but no on the BuddyBoss theme.  I am afraid it will not save my settings and it took a long time to set up.

FTP access is done through the WordPress backend.


FTP access is done through the WordPress backend. -??? Please  drop me FTP access. Editing files from the admin panel is not safe.

I put the FTP info in the private data field.


Yes, it seems like a conflict with the current theme.

the current theme overrides all checkboxes in the sidebar - this is very wrong!

If  I change  filter  to drop-down - it works fine

Please process a refund.  All the other issues exist as well.  I suppose the Buddy Boss theme is the one conflicting with it.

Thanks, Mark

Hello Mark

Unfortunately, a conflict with a third-party software is not a reason to the  refund