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WOOF filter holding back pages load time.

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I would like to improve my load time and performance grade on website pages in below as WordPress support told me that WOOF filter is holding it back.

Can you please kindly check this and improve if possible? thank you.

WOOF - WooCommerce Products Filter
Regular License
6 months support (expires on 22 Feb 2020)
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To add  private  data -

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Read  this  please -

Okay, sorry for editing private data to the forum, first of all!

I tried to get my filter to show only some exact product categories using settings in product category section excluding taxonomies terms (in my case I don't want two categories to be visible there: sold, recent art fairs participants) And they are still pretty much visible.  


Thank you heaps, in advance.


Best Regards


Please follow the recommendations -

then  drop me  wp-admin access -

Thank you in advance, done.

Ive saved in the private data pop up requested info.


It seems you didn’t fulfill what I asked -

this is not category ID -  To  get  ID -


Okay, I ve update my private data - filled the code section, I also texted to codecanyon support saying that my key can not be validated here. Sorry, please can you kindly rephrase what and where I have to copy paste, if I still did not fulfill your request?

Regardless, ph....

I have two product categories on my website and two pages that display those categories (links in below).

WOOF Filter shows all my categories and subcategories in the <Artist> drop down box that located in the side bare menu (left hand side).

Problem is that if I am on the page that displays paintings category, if I filter to get a product from the category sculptures simply choosing any subcategory that belongs to sculptures its not getting displayed on the paintings page how can I get my WOOF filter to redirect or display or basically simply show the category page where I have all the products to view?


Now your code is working correctly

please can you kindly rephrase what and where I have to copy paste - You  need to get  ID (number) of the  tag. You can get it  here -

These are not category pages. The filter does not know about the category you added to the shortcode

To  show  filter use  shortcode [woof]  with  attribute taxonomies -

For show or hide widgets on different pages -

You can read more about shortcodes -!/section_3_1

Filter on pages in below - category pages.

It shows the category that stays there under term Artists absolutely right BUT all the other attributes under terms Genre, Medium and Style or Artists Origin and all of them even height and width are not always belong to the page! How to make it dynamic and maybe hide the empty terms (I have all this ticked Yes in my settings by the way)

Thank you for your time once again and for helpful links.


Your  widget -  - set  it  to "Yes"

Hi Pablo,


Few things I have to ask your help with.

  1. on the product category pages and my filter obviously showing correct terms in field <Artists> - its a product category based setting, but the remaining parts of my filter - all after setting <Artists> they does not update dynamically even though I thought I saved this requirement in my settings. Its an important part.
  2. when I update or visit page for the first time in the moment of page loading my filter looks terrible as design applies only when the page is fully loaded - is there any way to have a scrolling ring on the place of my filter while its loading the design part or may be for it to be view with design straight away (even if it is not really downloaded yet)?

Thank you heaps, Ksenia   

Hello Ksenia

1 Please  check  options -

2 Unfortunately you need customization of JS code