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Woof BUG?

(new from 01-07-2019)
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Dear team

We've currently 2 environnements (for the same website)

  1. 1 with WOOF Filter @
  2. 1 with BEROCKET Filter @

In the below short Video, you can witness live that Berocket once you check on a specific product adjust the filter inner data according to the specific page:

I mean that once a user reach an USA Eliquid collection "HALO USA", the country filter won't show any other product beside USA eliquide, to get my point, please check:

  1. Berocket filter @ - here no filter activated for country (we didn't make any special setting the plugin adjust things alone)
  2. Exact same URL with WOOF @ where as you can see the filter still display all countries type which is illogical.

This wrong behavior of WOOF seems to be sort of bug, happy to hear your thoughts



Hello David

Check  options please -

Works like a charm, thank you Pablo for assistance & have a nice WE!


Hello David