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Woof and W3 Total Cache

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We use w3 total cache with a2 hosting autoptimize plugin and with woof we have couple of problems

  1. when search somethign at homepage search form and go to results and select any filter it go back to homepage
  2. when in shop and add any filter it shows the products that are not in the filter
    in example we select filter glass and appears products that are not with glass

is there any guide to disable some elements from cache for woof in w3 total cache and autoptimize?


  1. My plugin is not compatible with third-party filters
  2. the second problem is also present on the demo site. The problem is not caching. I think the problem is in the current template - it does not hear search queries.

Please add  wp-admin access  to   your demo site.

  1. ok
  2.  it is oceanwp theme

    i added the details to see


yes this is a problem with the current template.  I created  test  page -

To  test  it  you can  disable  my  plugin  and try  this  link - link#1  in private  data  - you will see that there is no result. Then  install  another  theme  and  try this  link again

i test the link#1 and it works normally with the current theme.


Sorry!  It was link  to my  test page.  You need  shop page. I changed  the  link

i see. however why the previous link was working normal in the test page you made?


Because products are displayed using a shortcode [woof_products]

So if i make a custom shop page (in elementor) with sidebar your filters and shortocde [woof_products] it will have no problem?

Also when go from home > search something > shop page results add filters and then reset it goes me back to home istead of shop page

i realised that product categories works normal onlye the colors and materials and size dont act normal (they are custom taxonomies is this having something to do with all this?)

I made a staging with astra theme and i see the same problem


see link#2

Also in the main site if i use [woof_products] it dont listen to search queries from classic search

(i added a search element with elementor in header and try to search for something and this do not change the results

/?s=demo&post_type=product )

So in case we use shortcode it dont recognize the search of header

in case we do not add shortcode the filters do not work.

Is there any solution?

The problem when adding shortcode and search didn't work was that i havent enabled search by text :)

Not the search works fine but only with shortcode

However without the shortcode still it dont work with other themes too

I made a staging with astra theme and i see the same problem

see link#2


Please activate  an extension -

OK!  Just repeat the test:  Disable  my plugin.  and use  this  link:  https:// Your domain /wp2/products/?size=medium  if there is no result, then no filter will be compatible

Try  standard  wp theme

See link#3 please.



Ok! I checked everything works fine

What i realised is:

When i create a custom product taxonomy with CPT UI all works fine.

it can handle the &size=medium urls

When i create a custom product taxonomy with Jet Engine it cant handle the &size=medium urls.


Yes OK! we recommend this plugin -