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Woocommerce Extra Fields visible by the WOOF

(new from 01-07-2019)

Hello, I bought WOOF to get exactly what you have on your demo page but with Woocommerce. I try different plugins to add extra fields for Year and Miles to Woo, trying to get same slides as Price one but without luck. Do you have any idea what plugin I can use for adding Year and Miles in Woo that WOOF can display them same as Price slide (same as your Cares Dealer site with CPT)?


Another plugin( MDTF ) works here -

Please paste your license key here -

Hello, I know that in Cars case you use MDTF... I want to use WOOF with WOO like you use in What Plugin / WOO Extension you use to add Product Tissue Density Range, Weight (Meta Field)... and other information about products? Thank you.


Please  watch  video - - This video will answer your questions.

Docs -


I watched the video again, but unfortunately, it doesn't help. For all examples, you always use Woo Attributes (and Categories and Prices). I need one extra field for Milages (number), and it can't be attribute because it is different for every product. It must be field, and it must be searchable with Woof.

I add an extra field with ACF (Advanced Custom Fields), and It's working fine with Woo, but in the Woof (Product Filter / Structure) it's not visible.

Is it any way to make it visible?

Thank you.


If  you  use meta fields -