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Woo Filter center alignment issue

(new from 01-07-2019)


I am starting to ask about an issue with my private account. Company propably want to buy the WOOF product if not yet done.

Problem: I have tree filter properties (type, language, country and city in a hierarchy control) where each control or sub control is 200px in width. The overall area of the centered filter on our customers page is exceeding the elementor column at the right. I asked the same here:

The image I have created to visualize the issue, you can directly see here:

Any help beforehand buying WOOF?


It looks like you are using a paid version of the plugin without a license. Unfortunately, we do not support plugins that are downloaded from third-party resources.

Meanwhile, I have seen that the plugin is a nulled version. We will purchase the product and replace it on the customers site. I'll comeback with an license key soon. Then you can help :-)