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Wizard shows only 2nd option

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Hi folks,

I'm running into this strange thing (I guess, but maybe I'm doing something wrong here).

This is the shortcode that I used:

[woof_step autosubmit=0 filter_type=2 by_step=”pa_inhoud-watertank,by_price,pa_inhoud-bonenreservoir“][woof_products is_ajax=0 display_on_search=1]

In this case only the Price filter is shown. But when I change the order (to check if the slug is correct), the 2nd option shows.
For example, if I change the shortcode to this:

[woof_step autosubmit=0 filter_type=2 by_step=”by_price,pa_inhoud-watertank,pa_inhoud-bonenreservoir“][woof_products is_ajax=0 display_on_search=1]

The result is that pa_inhoud-watertank is shown instead of by_price.

I added the shortcode as text / html, thus not as visible content, to prevent getting into trouble :D

This is the page:

I really hope you have a solution for this, because I'd love to use this function :)

P.s. on your website, in the Wizard example you mention something like: Enable this extension to ...
Is this a seperate extension maybe?


Please paste your license key here - -> and  wp-admin access -

The first thing I see is that you inserted the shortcode incorrectly (Change the quotes -

Thanks! Removing the quotes solved the issue.

Could you please change your documentation so that it's clear for everyone?

Check this printscreen:


Ok!  I will  try!  But this is the standard formatting in a WP text editor