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Widget logic conditions doesn't work with filter parameters

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I've just bought your plugin on Envato.

I am trying to use widget logic to use different filters on different product categories.
But when ?woof... appears the condition stops working.

Very basic exapmple:

html: [woof tax_exclude='pa_rozmiar']
widget logic: is_product_category( array( 'kobieta' ) )

It shows correctly on:
But - when I activate one of filters - the url changes into:

and the filter disappears (and other - not 'kobieta' condtion start working) - it looks like it is not treated like 'kobieta' product_category any longer.


PS. By the way - using"text widget" for shortcodes - it adds BR elements to the code. That is why we need to use the newer html widget. So you could update documentations...


Please  try  to use  this  logic

is_product_category( array( 'kobieta' ) ) OR  (isset($_GET['really_curr_tax']) AND $_GET['really_curr_tax']=='16-product_cat' )


It works partly correct. After filtering it shows 'kobieta' now but it also started to show the second filter that condition is opposite with (!):

!is_product_category( array( 'kobieta' ) )

And it is not so"logic" to me any longer - could you explain the second part of the string? I will have some more condition and should now what doing...


Hello again,

Besides the condition problems...

The problem is bigger than I thought. I relize that also themes do not recognize the filtered pages (with ?woof... in url) as category pages but treats them like main shop page (called Sklep).

It should looks like this:

And after filtering looks like this (no black belt header with title and breadcrumbs):

This does not work like Woocommerce default behaviuor:
- woocommerce works like:  (I've added woocommerce attribute filter)

And I see that on your demo page it also redirects to 'shop' page after filtering from a product category page:
(here you have a Hoodie title etc. and after filtering there is Shop title).

This is misleading for the customers when they are switched from the category to the other design and page.

Can we fix this, please?

Once again :)
This time positive news.

When I checked"Try ajaxify the shop" (I do not use 'autosubmit' option) - every of above problems disappeared :)

It does not redirect to Shop page. And also widgets preserve the logic! (widget logic)
Not enough: I could even delete the string"OR (isset($_GET['really_curr_tax']) AND $_GET['really_curr_tax']=='16-product_cat' )" and it works OK now.

Hope it is important information for you to get rid off the above redirection problem.

Please tell me what should I look at, to make sure that the"try ajaxify the shop" option does not make any conlict?


I have a pagination problem after"try ajaxify the shop" option - Yes.

The pagination link looks like this:

And does not work correctly - empty page is loaded with"0".

So, when the Ajaxify is Off - there is problem with redirecting to Shop page,
and when it is On - I can not paginate.
Maybe there is other pagination way?


After a few hours it looks like thie:

Above problems are solved by: YES - for"Disable swoof influence" option.

But a NEW problem appears - Filter does not work with Search Page.
When I have url:
after using any filter - it"forgets" the search result.



Turned on Searching by Text extension.

Now the problem is with search result page:

when using Rozmiary (sizes) filter it redirects to the taxonomy page (?) instead of filtering:

and Rozmiary filter disappears.


the reason is this setting -

Because the taxonomy in the search query leads to the archive page (category page). In this case( ), the plugin redirects to the store template.

It is also a third-party filter - - Plugin is not compatible with third party filters

But when I set the"Disable swoof influance" back to No - there is much bigger problem that I started the post about. It redirects from the category page to the Shop page.
The third-party filter does not matter - when it is turned off -  the Flatsome default search (probably Woocommerce default search) works. I have turned it off now.

So, which problem do we like more? :)

Redirecting to shop page - what is misleading and I do not like it a lot.
Strange behaviuor on search results page - it also should stay at the page with well inform header - but it does not.

So I am forced to do not use the filter on search results page :(

Or maybe there is a way to exclude the"Disable swoof influance" option out of is_shop() ?



It redirects from the category page to the Shop page. - Not! This just uses the store template

Anyway, you can test how it works. Please  disable  my  plugin  and  try  this  link -  - you will see how the wordpress functionality works.   For this reason - to avoid redirecting to another page, the plugin specifies the template as a shop