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Variable Product Editing - Nothing shows up

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I tested the free version, like it so I purchased the pro version on Code Canyon in order to get more variable product options. But the Variations Advanced Bulk Operations don't seem to work. When I select a variable product (or select parent and all variables), then go into the advanced bulk operations, regardless of what I do, the existing variations don't show up. For instance, I'll select"Ordering" then input the parent product ID, click"Get the Product Variations button and it returns a stack of empty variables. I can drag them up and down but I can't see WHAT I'm dragging because there are no names/titles in the variation boxes. I'm totally confused on how to use this for variation editing, which is why I purchased it. If it can't do that, then I'd like a refund.


Please paste your license key here - and  wp-admin access -

I will check  it!  Can I disable  plugins  to test?

You MIGHT want to tell first time customers that you're referring to the blue and green box above your post!!!! I spent 10 minutes looking in my Wordpress back-end for the"Hidden Data" boxes!! And I'm an EXPERIENCED Wordpress designer and web host administrator (12 years). VERY frustrating!!

I've spent probably two hours messing with this since I purchased the NOT a very good start. I shouldn't have to spend that much time trying to figure out how to access the variations in a plugin that touts its ability to edit variations in bulk!! Let me know what you find, but not confident this is what I'm looking for. I need a way to easily edit multiple variations of a product in bulk, including changing prices and EASILY deleting or adding variations and changing ordering.


Chris Blair


Hello Chris

If you try to look at the documentation, it will take much less time. -

Please watch  video -

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