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Use a Combination Of Filter With Enter Button

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I'm looking to do something like this. Is this possible?

Watch Loom


Example Site


unfortunately the plugin does not have such a feature

Try using a text search extension  With this option -

Thanks. They're already using this text extension on other pages. However, they wanted to know if we could combine the drop down like on the sample site as well.

My  test  -

What shortcode are you using for that? Standard?

I think your test is fine, but I did not see any thumbnails on the drop down.

My overview

I added another video in the private section. I'm getting close but no cigar.


Please  check  option -

To  do  search  click  here -

Thanks. That's not what I'm asking. I'm asking about the shortcode itself.


Ok  please  try  to read  docs -


I already looked at that. They didn't make any sense at all.

The settings are the same as yours. I'm pretty sure I went over that in my Loom video for you.

I also asked why the thumbnails aren't showing. You didn't respond on that either. They're showing now though, but they're way too small.

And the main goal here is to not have to use the spyglass. It is to hit"enter" period and be taking to a results page. Which when clicked doesn't do jack.

So either I need to create a results page for it to go to which, with your instructions isn't clear. At all.

Maybe there's a language issue here. Thanks anyway.

I could have sworn I saw a way to make it so that I could create a page for results and use the page ID. Now I can't find it. Was I seeing things?


I described to you how to show thumbnails in this message -  And I really don't know why you didn't do it but asked for the shortcode that is described in the documentation

 They're showing now though, but they're way too small. - Use  custom  CSS

 It is to hit"enter" period and be taking to a results page. - In this case, you need JS customization.

If you need to redirect the user to another page. This option is only available in this shortcode( ). -

To show/hide  filter items-