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Turning 'or' to 'and' in the query string???

(new from 01-07-2019)
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Hey guys when I navigate to the url,500 the results I see are all those with products with product tags of 48RE 'or' || 500.  I really want to see those which have a tag of both 48RE && 500.  What is the best way to achieve this?  Thanks!

I'm not seeing much feedback on this.  Is this just not an option?  Thanks!




Please paste your license key here -

Update  plugin to latest  version -

"Please paste your license key here -" . . . where/how do I access that hidden private data text input field.  I've looked all over and cant seem to find it.  The plugin has been updated. Thanks!

Nevermind, I figured it out.  You should have the purchase code now and the plugin has been updated.  :)

Sorry, to clarify, I figured out how to input my purchase code.  I still have not solved the original problem.


Check option please -

Pablo, thanks for your prompt response.  Yeah that solution doesn't seem to work.  Perhaps if people use the filters it will but if I just dump the filter data in to the query string it appears to still be using 'or' as the operator.  See the link below and 'product_tag'.  The result set should be very low like 3 products but instead is returning 178.,500

I lied!!!! It totally works! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!



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