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Trying to speed up the Filters

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I have tried the turbo option, which does not filter items that are empty.  I have tried the Advanced Cache dynamic recount number and cache terms which improves it by about 30%.  I still have pages which take over 9 seconds to load and clicking on a filter option can take 8 seconds to load, can you suggest anything else to try?


Please read  this -

Thanks for the response, sorry for the late response.  I have added memory and set the php memory limit to 1G.  Caching plugins are great but do not work for people with items in their cart or logged in, I have tried turbo mode which shows options that are not an option in the category you are in.

Do you have any other suggestions?


 or logged in - Only  for  administrator

Try  cache of  the  filter ->Advanced->Options -

Yes those options are on.  For example going to a category page for the first time after I have cleared that cache will take 24 seconds, the second time is 6 seconds.  Which is faster but not fast enough when 100 people are using the site.


Can  you  drop  me  wp-admin access?

I will check the settings and the number of taxonomies + products

I added the information to the Private data


Your site has a lot of taxonomies. with this setting - - the plugin makes a query to the database for each term and it takes a lot of time (with your number of terms).  If you disable this option - - the page will load in less than two seconds

If I disable that option then all filters show up even when there are no products associated with the category and filter.  Can you suggest a way to fix this issue?


Use  a cache - plugin settings->Advanced->Options  -

Otherwise, it is not possible to change -