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troubles with filter plugin

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We got some customer feedback, that the filters doesn't work all the time as they should:

  • The most difficult mistake Is, that there is always the filter “ohne Palmöl” active, as a customer visits our page the first time – so they think that some of our promo links dosnt work, because they see the “sorry, there are no products”-info, if the linked products don’t have this filter.
  • In Firefox the text of the active filters dosnt show correct:
    In the other browsers it’s correct like “ohne Palmöl” instead of “ohne-palmoel”
  • If your click on the overview of one single category the filter for the other categories is missing on the left sidebar. (Screenshot categoryfiltermissing.png) Normaly the categories are listet above “Marken”.
  • If I make a text search via loupe-icon (top right), most of the time it dosnt work right, if you search for something we don’t have a product for. For example: I searched for “tester” – we don’t have a product for that search result, so its ok, if no product is shown. But – if you press “enter” the troubles began. Sometimes (not very often 😉) its correct, and the “sorry, no products for your search result” page is shown. But more often we get a blank page (Screenshot wrongsearchresult.png) The worst thing we get badly most of the time is an internal server error – you can simulate it, if you search for “aöjewfakef” or something like that. If you don't get the error the first time, just try it 1 or 2 times more ...


  1. this is only possible if the user has previously clicked on this filter! This is the meaning of your customization. Plugin cannot activate this category for user on first visit
  2. Please  do test
  3. do test
  4.  Delete  this shortcode -


Hello and thank you very much for your help!

1. Sorry, but that's not possible – we tested it again on different devices with different networks and browsers – deleted cache, cookies,... and tested it again. Now its worse, because there is always another filter aktiv (before it was always the same -> ohne Palmöl) – even if we opened the page the first time after deleted the cache and cookies. I also tested it with a Smartphone and Tablet i knew that it was the first time to visit our webshop, but the problem was there too. As i wrote you before we got feedback from our customers, that there is this mistake with the filter, so it's not possible that all of them (and us ;) activated the "ohne Palmöl"-Filter before, couldn't remember about that and wrote us than. Please check it again – the whole extension is not useable for us like this.

2. is working correct now, thank you

3. no sorry, it dosnt work. I activate a filter first, than i clicked on a category overview page (for example .../produkteigenschaften/vegan) Here we dont get the possibility to set other filters like Naturkosmetik, ohne Silikone,... too, becaus its disabled here.

4. ok, works now. Thank you


1) - deactivate  this  plugin and   cache on server  side - Do  test  please.  I think you understand that data cannot be written to the session for no reason.

3)  On the category page, the filter will show only child categories.

This is a very logical behavior. On the category page, you can show ONLY products that belong to the category OR child category. It makes sense to show only child categories( of the current category ), because clicking on any other category will always give zero products   )


  1. We deactivated this plugin, i deleted all cookies and the cache but the problem is still here – when i visit the shop the first time after deleted everything there are 2 filters active. thats a big problem for us. Can't you see this problem too, if you visit the shop?

Thank you

Please  do test


GREAT! Thank you, i think it works correct now – we will test it a view days on different devices. Thank you very much!