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The price filter is not related to the product filters

The support doesn work on Saturdays and Sundays, so some Friday requests can be answered on Monday.
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The support doesn work on Saturdays and Sundays, so some Friday requests can be answered on Monday.
Configure el filtro de precios.
Seleccionar el rango de precios deseado no cambia la proporción de la cantidad de productos que se encuentran en el rango de precios. 

Sin selección 

imagen 1 - sin selección de rango de precio

Con selección 

La URL de mi tienda es


Unfortunately, I cannot verify this because my plugin is not activated on your site.

try  to  do  a test  with  native  woo price  filter

I have the original plugin licensed for the store in its development version

The amount reflected in the price filter is not the same


When filtering the price they have no relation with the other filters

help me with some solution



Please paste your license key here - -> and  wp-admin access -

Update  the  plugin  to  latest   version -

Check  options -

The amount that you mark in the filter has no relation to the results that are displayed

We can't give ftp access

If the plugin does not have a solution, which plugin could I purchase?


Hello - it has nothing to do with my filter. Of course this will not display the correct counter.

Test  with  my  filter -

Please  watch  this  video -

It's the setting plugin


In the plugin i have this settings,

There is a difference in the results

At the time of filtering the results do not correspond






I have another query to validate the counter.

The counter displays that it has 2 results but does not take off any product.




Please  delete  all  your  customization

Drop  me  exact  links to the  issue

Please enter the following link



Ok!  I  got  it

Unfortunately without FTP I can't explore it

Looks like the only problem is the price.

FTP access could not deliver. Would you help us with a new version of the plugin?
If you are considering the results counter, what is the same?
In the following example:

The results is 33 products (selecting the price of $50.00 - $74.99)
The counter in the price shows 38 products.
In the Type filter, if the counters are added, the result is 37

Evample 2:
In the link
The results is 490 products 
In the price filter all the counters add up to 577 products.
If we add the counters of the Country of Origin filter, the result is 487.


This is the problem, because this is a private problem (only on your site).

It works correctly on other sites. My  test -

Maybe you could help me with an idea of ​​where the problem would be?


Perhaps the problem is that you are using a third-party archive page template

Maybe if I remove the woocomrce from the topic it will be fixed?


I'm not sure about this. As I wrote above, I need FTP for research

Try  to  test  it with  another  theme

Good afternoon, I just configured the access by ftp. Please help me validating.




Can  I disable  plugins/theme  to  test?