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The Plugin is not Switching the Currencies to the latest accurate values

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Hello Pablo Borysenco,

First of all, thanks for greating this very useful plugin. We heavily use it on our website.

The Big issue we are currency facing is that when we put an amount in our editor/admin (for example USD 2000) and we want to switch/convert it into forexample South African Rand or Ghanaian Cedi or Kenyan Shillings, the figure/amount that the plugin generates is Higher than the correct/accurate figure. Sometimes the coverted amount generated by Wordpress currency switcher on our website AfriUni is up to 10% higher than the correct/accurate figure generated sites like by

The Functionality of this plugin is very important for our website since we are an international directory and we enable our users from different countries to see the price amounts in their own currency with Geo IP rules.

I can give you our Admin Login Details for you to check yourself and see what is going on.

Thanks in Advance


Hello Gilbert

As I see it, you have customized the display of prices. Unfortunately, we do not support third-party code.

I created test page - - My plugin works correctly -

Hello Pablo, thanks for you quick response. I would like to emphasize that the main issue is the accuracy of the amount converted.

e.g In the Video that you recorded for me, you converted Ksh 9,969 and it gave you £77
However when i converted Ksh 9,969 on the internet, Google gave me £80.0 and gave me £79.9
So you see that the £77 that you got in your demo video is Not Accurate. That's the Issue.

Now if you use a bigger number like 99,960 instead, you will realise that the Difference between the converted amount generated by the plugin and the real amount on Google or is Huge.   And a lot of the amounts on my website as you saw yourself are in thousands of dollars so the problem really gets worse because they are big numbers.

Please i need your help on his issue because having correct/accurate/reliable converted amounts is important for the credibility of my website.
Thanks for in advance for looking into this issue and replying to support ticket.
I am willing to pay the full price of the plugin ($21) for this issue to be resolved.

Kind Regards,

Hello Gilbert

But it does not depend on me and my plugin.

It depends on the aggregator you are using.

The plugin cannot independently form the exchange rate.  All information is taken from official sources. You can change  the aggregator -

Hello Pavlo, good morning.

Yes, I have already tested/tried all the aggregators provided in your Wordpress Currency Switcher plugin but none of them is giving Accurate figures.

So that is why i came to you thinking that you would add a New accurate Aggregator to the plugin, suggest a better aggregator or show me how to add a new addiditional aggregator to the plugin that will be more accurate.

Thanks in advance and waiting for your response.


In this case, better you give me a more"accurate aggregator" with the API and I will add it to the plugin.


Hello Pablo

Here is a more accurate aggregator used by big websites

You can add as one of the aggregator options inside the wordpress currency switcher plugin.

I plan on using their"Developer Plan" (it's a paid plan)

Then the plugin user like me will then paste in their openexchangerates Key or App ID if they select this option in your plugin aggregators.


Done! -

You  can  download  this  plugin -   and  get  this  aggregator  in  file -\wp-content\plugins\woocommerce-currency-switcher\classes\woocs_after_33.php  - This code is 95% percent suitable for you

Hello Pablo, good afternoon. Sorry for not replying earlier.
Thanks once more for taking the time to find a solution for my currency switching problem so quick. I highly appreciate that.
I did not see the email that you sent on the 25th/march to inform me that you have added other aggregators like openexchangerates (and even currencylayer) to the currency switching plugin.
We were in the middle of discussing about Coronavirus here and i forgot to check my email inbox on that day.

You suggested that i instead download the WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin.
My Question is: Since my website does not have/use woocommere, will that plugin still work fine on my site ?
I also noticed on the plugin page that the woocommerce currency switcher is more advanced than the wordpress currency switcher that i was using on my site.


It looks like you misunderstood me.

Please  use  Wordpress currency switcher. ( don't use WooCommerce Currency Switcher ) - I advised downloading this plugin to take part of the code for a new aggregator from it

Hello Pablo, good afternoon. Hope you are well.
Please I really need some help from you with integrating accurate currency switching values on my website using"CurrencyLayer".

I wanted to choose Openexchangerates but I finally decided to go with Currencylayer because I read good reviews about it online.
I registered with today.

Please help me to directly integrate the CurrrencyLayer API to the WordPress Currency Switcher plugin on my website.
I prefer that you do it because you are the one that best understands how the plugin works.

My CurrencyLayer API Access Key:  PRIVATE DATA


I can provide you admin access to my website and also access to my Currencylayer account if necessary.

Please Pablo, I really need your help with this currency switching issue.
Hoping to hear from you soon,
You can also send me your PayPal and I will pay in $20 USD as a thank you.

Kind regards

Pablo you can Log in to the Wordpress Admin with these Details


Hello Gilbert

This is an open forum. I strongly recommend that you change access

the new version of the plugin has this aggregator

Hi Pablo

--oh ok, I have changed the WordPress admin access

--So if i buy the new version of the plugin which now has CurrencyLayer integrated into it, it means I can just paste in my Currencylayer Access Key in new version of WordPress currency switcher and it will start working ?


You don't have to buy anything.  Just update the plugin to the latest version -