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Text search bar on header not submitting propperly

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I have a bit of a weird one.

I have had woof running on my site for a long time and it works great, best search I have found for woocommerce.

It works perfectly everywhere except when I submit a search on my website header.

It auto drops down perfectly and the results work but when I hit submit, it changes the URL but just refreshes the same page.

The same search bar is on my left menu on this page and it works find there.

I have noticed when using the search by text on the header, it does not add the “/products” to the search URL so it doesn’t go anywhere. The search by text on the product page already has "/products" in the URL before submitting


So the search is working but not looking in the right directory,

How do I fix this?


Paste your license key here - ->

text search on the home page filters these products  -

if you want the filter to redirect the user to another page - use  this  shortcode - [woof by_only="by_text" tax_only="none"  redirect='']

Hi, I put this into the shortcode and it works except for my home page and only partly works on my /products page.

if I use the search bar on other pages such as contact us and about us, it works but home page doesn't add the redirect.

if i use it on the /products page, then the fist submit returns a strange result, a second submit with no changes returns the desired result.



Paste your license key here - -> and  wp-admin access -


Paste your license key here - ->

I dont know where it is otherwise i would have put it in ages ago.....

please  drop  me  link  to  login -

Login on front end.


Please  check the  access -

Sorry, the password did not set. It is working now with email and password provided.

Are you guys working on it now because all of a sudden when we use the filter it returns no results.....


Are you guys working on it now because all of a sudden - we didn't change anything

please drop me  FTP

I will need your IP address to give FTP as the server is IP locked

In private  date

Updated private data with FTP details.

What is going on? my search bar is disabled. I cannot click on it to enter any data. This could be losing me business!!!!!!


We have not changed anything! (we do not work on weekends).

Read the documentation before changing anything! Disable  this  extension -

are you working on it now?


some settings I changed last week have gone back and the filter disappears from my menu after one level has been set.

It wasn't doing that before.

Fixed. The Ajax setting was the problem. it was working fine before with that box ticked.