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Target to results when a filter is selected

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Hello, is there a way to jump to the filter images or the filter results - lower on the page when - a filter is selected?

At the moment, the page reloads and starts at the top again.

Kind regards Axel

For example:


(I set this ID in a <div id="auto-filter"> on the page)

Kind regards Axel


Use  ajax  mode  and read  this  please -

Hello Pablo,

thank you for your reply.

  1. I set: "Try to ajaxify the shop". Ok?
  2. Then I set in the plugin settings page -> tab Advanced -> "JavaScript code after AJAX is done":

jQuery('html, body').animate({
scrollTop: jQuery(".auto-filter").offset().top
}, 777);

The section I want to target has class="auto-filter" and also id="auto-filter".

Both of it did not work. Can you please take a look?

Thank you and kind regards Axel


Ok!  To show products  on this  page try  to use [woof_products is_ajax=1]

Hello Pablo,

Since I use a custom template do show the products, this does not work for me.

Can I put the code "is_ajax=1" somewhere else in the page?

Kind regards

btw. The Woof Filter Plugin is really great!


Everything seems to work correctly -

Hello Pablo,

thank you for your reply. [woof_products is_ajax=1] works correctly.

I used some custom css for display.

This is a great plugin !!!


Kind regards Axel

Hello Axel


Hello Pablo,

I would like to show only products with the attribute: marke=Opel. 

At the moment, I use this: [woof_products is_ajax=1 columns=4 taxonomies=product_cat:56,57,58,60,61,62,75 per_page=200]

Where can I put it into the shortcode, is it possible alt all?

Kind regards Axel

Hello Axel


try  this shortcode:

[woof_products is_ajax=1 columns=4 taxonomies="pa_marke:X"]  where  X - it's ID  of  Opel

Thank you!

Can I include taxonomies="pa_marke:X" (with or without quotes "..." ?)

and include taxonomies=product_cat:56,57,58,60,61,62,75 ?

Can this come together? Or how else could I exclude one certain category?

Kind regards Axel

[woof_products is_ajax=1 columns=4 taxonomies="pa_marke:31 & product_cat:56,57,58,60,61,62,75" per_page=200]

How can I make it work?


Please  read  docs -


Thank you, for the preview it works.

Kind regards Axel

Ok. Now I copied the Elementor template to another page (see Privat data) and put the same code in but the Site isn't running at all. Error 500.

What did I do wrong?


not sure if this relates to my plugin

To get  error text  install and activate  this  plugin -  AND

Thank you for the tip Pablo,

I installed the 2 plugins, but the page does not load. so I can not see any js errors on the console.

The private data and your admin access are active again.

One is shop overview page and works. (neuwagen)

The other page with 500 error ist just a copy and does not work. (opel-test)

Whithout Elementor it works.

With Elementor it doesn't even if there are no elementor widgets...

What can I do?



Please activate/set up  this  plugin - - And you will see the error text


I already did. No entries in the error log.

Kind regards Axel