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Hi there,

as you suggested in the Support Forums I tested my webpage with deactivating the Plugins:

But I am still getting the same Syntax Error in the console when choosing a Filter:

Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: <div class="woof woof_sid woof_sid_themen" data-sid="themen" data-shortcode="woof is_ajax='1' sid='themen' taxonomies='pa_themen:90' tax_exclude='pa_themen,pa_region-eng,pa_themen-eng,pa_ausstattung-eng' " data-redirect="" data-autosubmit="1" data-ajax-redraw="0">

<a href="#" class="woof_edit_view" data-sid="themen">show blocks helper</a>


<!--- here is possible drop html code which is never redraws by AJAX ---->

<div class="woof_redraw_zone" data-woof-ver="">

<div data-css-class="woof_text_search_container" class="woof_text_search_container woof_container woof_container_woof_text">

<div class="woof_container_o…

Though the first filter selection works but aborts the execution so that no more selection is possible.

Any suggestions what's going on here?


Thanks in advance


Please drop  me wp-admin+FTP access -  I  will check it

Hi Pablo,

thanks I have saved the access data.


Can  I deactivate plugins/theme to test?


generally yes. But it is a live account of one of our customers. Therefore can you estimate the duration and daytime for your tests? So we can inform him.




it will be about half an hour. At 12:00 -13: 00 UTC + 2 (08/15/19)

But better you try to disable the theme (when it suits you). I think the problem is in the theme


the timing will be ok.

Unfortunately we won't be able to react on this occurence due to a national holiday here. So we would be grateful if you could check any incompatibilities regarding our theme. Despite never having any problems with it,  yet.


conflict  with this  plugin -