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Sub-filters(?) Display more fitlers if one filter is selected.

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I need the plugin to be able to display extra filters when one filter is selected. Sort of a parent-child thing, such that when the parent is selected, the child filters display.


Hello - im using your plugin locally for a site im developing. Its a parts store, and it can have very specific filters. There are rare cases where once one filter has been selected i need to display extra filters related to that. I dont want the to show on the main filter (before the parent  filter is selected) since it would not make any sense and cause confusion. Is there a way to achieve this with your plugin as-is? Do i have code this functionality in myself, and if so could you please guide me as to which files should i add code into.


Your plugin is awesome! Will buy when peliminary tests are completed and we go live.


Please try to read this -

Hello - Thank you for your answer. The 2nd demo of that looks like more what i need. Is it possible to keep the filters i already have and add one beneath it via shortcode for the specific filter that needs subfilters? I cant think of a wway to do this with my current setup.

Thank you again for your answer, ill look more into it and see if i can somehow make it work.


Unfortunately, the plugin does not have such a feature