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Sort by meta fields and custom taxonomies?

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Dear, Pablo!

I really want to be in the table of goods to sort according to the added meta fields and custom taxonomies.

By default, the added columns in the table do not have sorts.

Is it possible?


Plugin cannot sort by taxonomy

Sorting meta fields for numeric values only

Sorting meta fields for numeric values only

Sorry, Pablo, but why only for numeric?

I tried to add the if ($m['type'] == 'string') $f['order'] = TRUE; code to the"public function woobe_extend_fields($fields)" in file"meta.php" and sorting works!

Or maybe some negative consequences?


We haven't done a test, but I think it should work correctly.

Perhaps you add a similar change to the plugin? :)

It will only improve its functionality.


I will pass this to the developers, they will make tests and make decisions.