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SKU search stops working

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Previously posted at

I disabled the searching by sku extension but that didn't help.



Hi, I have tested your plugin on my test site which is a mirror of my live site. It works great. When testing I was using the version that was available when I installed it which was

When I installed it recently on my live site I installed the latest version of your plugin. Unfortunately it broke the search by sku function of the site :shocked:. I use the plugin below for search by sku. (Search By SKU – for Woocommerce)

Is there any setting(s) that I may have enabled or that I need to disable in your plugin to keep the search by sku functions of the other plugin?



Please  drop me  wp-admin access and  exact  link to the  issue   I will  check it

Hi, please send me your email. I won't be putting up admin details on a bulletin board even if it says it's private. I hope you understand.


my  email   in the  private  data


I sent an email to the email you provided. Was told to make a clone of the website using Duplicator. I have and have replied that I had to the emial again.

The message that I sent was as follows:

It was difficult to create a clone using duplicator. I had to purchase pro versions because the site was so large. Anyway, I now have the files needed. Do you want me to send them via Google drive or other means?


The reply was to post on the forum again.

Please let me know. Thanks!!



I gave the email address for data transmission only( ). Supports only on the forum.

So  please  drop  me  link  to  your package(clone) on Google drive  - ->

Hi, Several days ago I shared google drive link with

I updated the private data at the same time so you could be on the lookout for the Goole drive email.

Have you gotten that?





Please  drop  me  the  link  to  download  your  package.

If you've already done it - Please add the email address from which you sent me the link.  I can't find your email

I updated the private data at the same time - Unfortunately, I do not receive a notification if the user changes private data. You should add a message like "Done!"


Hi, I shared via Google, the email should have come from them. I'll do it again. Thanks.


you should have just gotten a notification from Google.

google share


Yes!  Thank you!

I passed this to the developer

Hi, thank you. any word from the developer?


We cannot install your clone. Errors occur constantly.

Can I make a clone myself?

Hi, unfortunately I cannot provide access. Can you tell me the error that you received so I can troubleshoot with the duplicator developer? Screen shots would be helpful.


Try to create new  clone of the site, but exclude caching files, archives (zip).  And exclude the folder - uploads

Hi Pablo, A new clone and installer have been created. MUCH smaller, thank you for the tip. You can access it via the same Google drive folder. The previous invitation and access is granted to Thanks.


Please watch  my  video  in  private  data

Thanks, so it's as simple as deselecting search by text. I'll give that a shot. I appreciate the help!


so it's as simple as deselecting search by text. - When this extension is activated, the plugin intercepts a text request.


Hi, that worked. Thank you very much!!

Is there a way that I can change the z index of the filtered items (see screen shot)

The menu is behind the text.

Thanks again!!