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Site block cause my site using more resources

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My Bad time is on my head now. Since two days my site was blocked by my hosting company because of my web site Using more resources

As they said like bellow

Your site consumed more than 2,4M CPU seconds and 357K CPU executions for the last 24 hours.

Violated terms of service:
No more than 40,000 CPU seconds for any given calendar day;
No more than 40,000 script or program executions for any given calendar day;

Really no idea what to do for this.

And they give me some reference that is generating more usage

  1. Googlebot crawls
  2. Some codes from plugin or theme
    1. admin-ajax.php
    2. index.php
    3. plugins.php

I already submitted to the Google search console team to reduce the Bot visits using this link and it's resolved now

The second part to control the codes I added some extra code into the .htaccess file like this

I don't know wherever  this will make a problem but this is currently I can see the problem using WOBEE Not loading products in the backend Always being like this

But if I remove the code related to the admin-ajax.php then the product is work. Removing this code using more resources

<Files admin-ajax.php>
Order Deny,Allow
Deny from all

They refer me some URL there I can see the WOOBE editor link. like bellow

I have tested to remove the code and used the WOOBE that is  generating the result like bellow

Cold you please help me to resolve this issue. I have no idea how to do this

Best regards


Hello Rafilathif

Of course, the plugin uses Ajax to edit products.  But this is not a problem.

The plugin itself does not waste resources. If you edit a lot of products, it spends resources.


So what is your suggestion to do a smooth running website which has 2000+product working with 5 Person at a time editing. I'm planning to upgrade my server to cloud hosting?

Can you please suggest me these the best choice to run woocommerce

Which is the best hosting
Which OS is best to run woocommerce. Linux, Windows or other
How many vCPU Enough
How many Gb memory
How many Tb Bandwith

Then I can think about the best selection

Best regards


Hello Rafilathif

I can not advise you on specific recommendations.

It depends on many factors: Number of taxonomies, third-party plugins that affect products and exс...