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Shows $ 0 in the product in the default language

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There is a problem in the default language of the store PL. In the product card, I show the price of PLN 0.00  ( )

The price is correct after being added to the cart ( )

In the list of products the price is correct. Only for the first product in the category it shows PLN 0.00

( )

Works fine for English and valuta EURO.

Plug settings -




Base currency rate must be 1 -

Ok, I changed. And now it shows the first product in the category -
And in the product card - 
settings -


Ok! And what's the problem?

Drop  me  exact link to  the  issue

The problem is still there. Changing the currency slots for the main currency does not work well ( )

I tried to change in different ways and currency, it works.

I use Polylang for translations.

Link -

Hello - I saw a problem with only one product.  Try to disable  all  plugins  except woocs+woo  and  do test  please

The problem is always with the first product in a category.  Look here -
And not the exact price in the product card.

I still have a question.
Automatic exchange rate supported in the free version?


Did  you  do  this test -

Automatic exchange rate supported in the free version? - Yes

When enabling only the woocs + woo plugins it is the same


It looks like a problem in the current theme. Try another theme

This cannot happen without a reason. You are the only one who wrote to us with this issue

Yes, I have already done such a test. New installation uploaded on the same theme and it's all ok.

I make copies of this page and transfer it to my server and test there if there is a problem, I can pass data to the store and files for testing.

Found out where the problem is.

The problem is if I have automatic currency switching set after changing the language.
It is a function in the functions.php file

add_filter('wp_head', function() {
$lang = get_locale();
global $WOOCS;
switch ($lang)

case 'en_GB':

If I write down the problem code there is no problem, but I need the prices to switch automatically.


Please  check  currency  codes -

"PL" - use PLN