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Shortcode question

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I'm trying to implement a "pre-search" page.

Imagine this scenario:

On a regular web page (not woocommerce) I'd like to insert a dropdown. In this dropdown it will be shown the Terms (lets say "AT1, AT1, AT3...") of an Attribute (let's call it "pa_at").

I went back and forth on your documentation but wasn't successful on implementing this using shortcodes. (To be honest I don't even know if I was using the proper shortcode.)

Can you please help me on achieving this? Is it thru shortcodes or there's another (easier) way?

Thank you in advance!


Use  this  shortcode -

to show  exact  filter -

Example:  [woof tax_only="pa_at"  by_only="none"]

Hi Pablo,


Good morning.

Sorry for bothering you again with my issue.

I'm not a dev so I'm having some difficulties implementing your plugin. (I even purchased the Taxonomy Chain Menu plugin in order to try to solve my problem but it didn't work.)

This is what I'm trying to accomplish with your plugins:

  1. User lands on a page:
  2. User selects a category. When selects a category the Attribute 1 drop-down is shown (empty terms of Attribute 1 are hidden):
  3. User selects a term in Attribute 1. When he click on a term to select it auto-submits and goes to the shop page:
  4. At the shop page the drop-downs of Category and Attribute 1 DO NOT show:

I tried:

  • [pn_chain_menu post_slug='product' taxonomy='product_cat' term_id=0 exclude='' watch_view='posts' show_count=0 button_title='Search' target='_self']; and
  • [pn_chain_menu post_slug='product' taxonomy='attribute-1' term_id=0 exclude='' watch_view='terms' show_count=0 button_title='Search' target='_self']; and
  • [woof tax_only=product_cat,attribute-1 by_only='none']

but nothing worked (in fact, the last one was the closest to what I wanted.)

I appreciate if you could help me implement this.

(ps: your tip [woof tax_only="pa_at"  by_only="none"] showed the Attribute 1 only. But no Categories to select first).


Please read  this -

On shop  page  use - [woof tax_exclude='product_cat,pa_at']

Hi Pablo.

FYI I renewed my support as requested.

So, the first page is working.

Is it possible to put text between two drop-downs?

I'm still trying to figure out how to make the woof tax_exclude works. (Despite putting the code on the backend, it is showing in the frontend:

Thanks for you patience and support.


Is it possible to put text between two drop-downs? - unfortunately the plugin does not have this feature. You need code customization

I'm still trying to figure out how to make the woof tax_exclude works -  how did you add this shortcode? Looks like you added this to content that doesn't handle shortcodes