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Shortcode not working

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Hello there,

Please have a look on my website URL below:

I am not sure how your shortcode gets implemented as I only want the pricing to switch between different currencies in 3 places. Once on the pink text"Our Rates: Starting at $20/ hour" and then the 3 prices on the pricing packages which is in the blue text should also be toggling. Preferably by a method of manual selection and also possibly automatically by location.


Please  watch  a  video - - as you can see this text box does not work with shortcodes

Hello there,

I'm sorry, but I don't understand exactly what you mean above? Also, what is the correct syntax for embedding your shortcode into normal text, please?

I cannot get your shortcode to work at all, please help me see what I am doing wrong. You send me a link about settings which does not help me at all.

Please let me know how and what exact code I must use?

All I want to do is to display the price including its currency prefix, example"$20" between the text and that it must toggle between $20 and R200. That is all. See below:

Well, I cannot attach any screenshot... So please go to the following link and see the Pink text:

NOTE: The price is currently missing (invisible) as a result of the shortcode that is not working. The shortcode below:


Why is it not working, what is the correct shortcode to display $20 and to toggle it to R200 on request?


Shortcode may not work because you inserted it incorrectly( invalid characters or this field does not work with shortcodes ) - As i see you got it




Yes, sorry it was my fault. Somehow I removed the spaces in the syntax, not sure how that happened.

That issue is sorted, but where do I find the PHP file that contains the page HTML where the other 3 blue prices are on the pricing tables? I need to place the shortcode in the HTML manually for it to work.

This is third-party functionality and unfortunately I can not know this.

For my part, I can tell you how to display the price in HTML:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[wpcs_price type="fixed"value="USD:1,ZAR:10]');?>