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Settings not saving

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I bought your plugin today but doesnt seem to save some settings.

Example: i have a attribute i want to use but it doesnt save the settings and there for it wont show me the attribute for me to edit.

Is there a limit for the number of attributes to use (not all at the same time)?

Hope to hear from you.



Hello Jan

please  drop  me  wp-admin access - -> I will  check  it


I dropped the info.

Thanks for the reply!


Ok!  I got  it

Can  you  add  FTP access?  I  need to investigate this


I dropped it again. (lets hope it didnt break)  :)


Dropped additional information about error i got.


A very large save request is sent (many values). And it looks like the server is trimming this( I think this is DDoS-Protection )

Therefore, you can save the values that are at the beginning

Unfortunately from our side we cannot fix it

to quickly move around the screen you can use these keys - [home] [end] -

My  test -


i just notice it doesnt save anything now.

i dragged a few in combination with Home/End key but it does not save it.

Also with the regular draggin it doesnt save it anymore.

Hope to hear from you.

Let me know if you are in my server at this moment, i need to install a backup as my site has error after updating another plugin. NOT yours :)

Done, Fixed! :)


Ok!  is my plugin saving now?


Yes its saving settings when i move the attributes to top of page now.

Thank very much for your support!

Great help for a great plugin! Beer for Pablo! :)




Hi Pablo,

Hope your well.

Can you tell me how i can make the program save the settings on the rightside of the settings page? (default sort, thumbnail preview, beauty switcher etc.)

Thanks in advance!


these settings are stored in options  key: 'woobe_options_' . get_current_user_id();




So changing something and just click"Save Settings" wont work?

Let me know. (i am not a code guru) :)



Hi Pablo,

I have an idea that will make your program more user friendly, i think.

When you want to add a new term and click on the"new" button, the cursor is not already in the typing field where you need to put in your"new name".
And i think it should be clear i need that field as i just told the system i want a new item to be made. So why not being ready for typing in that field. :)

Is it possible to make the cursor active in the typing field?

less clicking is faster working.

I hope you can use this and/or integrate it in your program.

Let me know what you think and have a good weekend.


I'm not sure if I understood you correctly

Please describe your idea in more detail. You  can  create  screenshots

Hi Pablo,

i attache a printscreen of what i mean.

Printscreen - saving settings


When you want to add a new term and click on the"new" button, the cursor is not already in the typing field where you need to put in your"new name". - I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the screenshot