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Search shows items that are not there

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We have an issue with the sorting WOOF, shows products that are not on stock, even though we mark only on stock buttom.

  1. Rooldown choose KJOLER
  2. Rooldown chooce small

And mark the ON STOCK - there will show 106 results, and already on forst page row 2, you see this product:

This is not even in the variation at that size.

We have many more issues with products showing even they are not buyable.

David / Jan




Hello David / Jan

Please  update  plugin to latest  version -

Check option -


Is there another way to update your plugin without loosing data ?

Simply it dos not work with Envato plugin, Ive done it correct, as I know it, but shows errors:

All this is marked.

And it says when trying to connect single:

That ID for plugin is wrong, I dont believe it is.





Hello David

Ok! Just  delete the  old  version  and  install  the new version. All  settings  will be saved

Hola Pablo

We have done this, and still there are lots of issues, that products sizes shows, that are not in stock.
Even when marked ONLY IN STOCK - it shows all, and do not remove the Not in stock products from search.

Now, what can we do about this please ?



Hello David

I checked  it! Everything works correctly


In fact, this product has this attribute. -  - But this vartion does not exist with a mark "out of stock"

My test video -