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i'm using a plugin : Woo search box. this plugin allow to find products by text even if there is a mistake in the text.

If i search for example for : Mubile Phone; i get all the results for : Mobile Phone.

but when i use woof filters ( the plugin searching by text of woof is activated) i get no results.

i saw that without using the filters; the url when searching for a text contain "&s=Mubile Phone". this variant give results

After using the filter, the url contain "&woof_text=Mubile Phone" and this variant do not give results.

in this last url; i tried to change "woof_text" with "s" and it works.

Is there a way to fix this issue ?



My plugin is not compatible with third-party filters

Try  to  disable  this  extension -

Spasibo za otvet,

i tried without the extension, in this case, if i search for a term, then i filter the results, it do not filter the results but all the products. The  "&s=Mubile Phone" in the URL disappear.

Please help.


Unfortunately this will not work. As I wrote earlier, the plugin is not compatible with third-party filters. To fix this you need to customize the code (it's not easy)