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Sale Price Bulk Management (Variable Products)

(new from 01-07-2019)


Thank you for a great product.

Some problems with managing sale of variable products:

  • Filtering variable products already in sale is not possible. Because main SKU doesn't have sale price of it's own, normal filtering with max/min currency values doesn't work. It would be good to be able to filter sale-products (products with values in sale price) in/out as any other attributes.
  • I would like to change sale price from all products in sale from -30% to -40%, if i try to do this (select all products, bulk-edit decrease sale price by 14,285714%) system changes all normal priced products with no sale-price to 0$! (there is a fix on the way to a similar kind of problem, I hope it comes fast and fixes this issue too so that no-one loses money giving out free products)
  • Also it could be good to make difference between sale price null (not set, no sale) and 0.00 (free product) also in the sale-price column, and to be able to arrange also variable products order according to sale price for easy management of sale-prices.
  • Filtering variable products/variations by sales % could also be a great addition. For example filter by sale % min 19% max 21% could give all products in 20% sale.
  • And finally when sale ends, it could be handy to set all sale prices to null at one click.



1/3/4/5 - I will pass it  to the developer

2 - Can you create   video  with  error?