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Returning Items from Sale status to regular pricing

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I have used the bulk editor to place goods on sale, however I cannot work out how to take them off sale.

For example  when I load my products into bulk editor I have


This is displayed in the site as Regular Price 29.99

If I use bulk editor to create a sale discount of 15% decrease from regular pricing - all works as it should.

REGULAR PRICE = 29.99 SALE PRICE = 22.50 (displayed with regular price with strikethrough and sale price next to it)

The issue is that when I try and change it back to regular price, instead of returning to regular price when I move to


It moves to ON SALE -100%........

I tried +100 but that didnt work.

Can you advise the fix?


Thanks very much,


Scott Millard

Hello Scott

Try  in file  - wp-content\plugins\woocommerce-bulk-editor\classes\models\products.php   add  this  code -

if($field_key == 'sale_price' AND $value<0){

Then try to  delete  sale  price - set  it as  -1