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Range sliders to much attributes

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My range filters are not good readable because of to much information.

range filters

I've already tried adjusting the 'Grig step' but that doesn't work great because it does not make equal steps


non equal steps


It would be great if they could behave the same as the price filter does.

Any ideas?


Please paste your license key here - -> and  wp-admin access -

I've already tried adjusting the 'Grig step' but that doesn't work great because it does not make equal steps - It takes the same steps! It looks like the problem is with your attributes. They are indicated in different steps.


I've added private data. Let me know if you find the problem and I will adjust it.

Thanks in advance


Please check your access -

I've updated the info. Tested it and should work now.


as I wrote earlier, the reason is that the terms do not have the same step -

hmm oke, but that is just how the data is. I can not change that. Do you know if there is a different solution?


Add  more attributes  to align the range.

The problem is that taxonomies are strings, and it is impossible to do mathematical operations with strings.

Can I just add more attributes or do they need to be used in a (variable) product?


No!  just add more terms to make the range more even

Alright. I will try this. Thanks for the effort