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(new from 01-07-2019)
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I cannot see the difference between variations, this way I don't know which price belongs to which variation. Can I change that?

I also cannot load any meta fields from products. It won't return anything. I am sure it has to return values.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Robin


Can  I deactivate  plugins/theme  to test?


Paste  FTP access  please -

Sure. FTP login is posted


  1. fixed -
  2. It looks like a conflict with WPML (I disabled it)-   Please  do test


What did you disable? All WPML plugins are active.

Can I read this as array? It shows the array is empty.

a:1:{i:0;a:30:{s:16:"orientation_name";s:42:"Dekbedovertrek Tweepersoons (200 x 220 cm)";s:7:"img_src";s:2:"23";s:11:"img_src_top";s:2:"91";s:12:"img_src_left";s:1:"0";s:13:"img_src_width";s:3:"500";s:14:"img_src_height";s:3:"319";s:11:"img_overlay";s:4:"2066";s:7:"version";s:3:"240";s:5:"ratio";s:15:"1.2019230769231";s:7:"bg_type";s:5:"color";s:14:"bg_color_value";s:7:"#ffffff";s:12:"show_overlay";s:1:"1";s:15:"include_overlay";s:1:"0";s:18:"include_background";s:1:"1";s:13:"product_width";s:3:"416";s:14:"product_height";s:3:"265";s:10:"real_width";s:3:"416";s:11:"real_height";s:3:"265";s:8:"real_top";s:1:"0";s:9:"real_left";s:1:"0";s:17:"area_design_width";s:3:"500";s:18:"area_design_height";s:3:"319";s:16:"area_design_left";s:1:"0";s:15:"area_design_top";s:2:"91";s:10:"show_bleed";s:1:"1";s:16:"bleed_top_bottom";s:1:"0";s:16:"bleed_left_right";s:1:"0";s:14:"show_safe_zone";s:1:"1";s:17:"margin_top_bottom";s:1:"0";s:17:"margin_left_right";s:1:"0";}}


What did you disable?  - I fixed it

Can I read this as array? - I think  yes. What field is it stored? Did you watch  video - ?


I will use it as string.

But I noticed I cannot filter meta fields. It gives zero results every time.



Yes. because you don't have products with this meta field. This metafield is only in variations -