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Question on slider functionality

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I have some questions on the slider module:

1 - I have different sliders in my site and on some of them i noticed that, after i move the slider, the labels are changed. This usually create a mess on the front end. But this happen only on some sliders. I have the sliders with the"Grip step" option in default, i.e. zero value.

2 - If i set the"grip step" option to"-1" to hide all labels, they are hided only after i move the slider, but are present when i open the page, is this the intended behaviour?

3 - If i have an attribute with several values, the labels are too much in number and with the default"grip step" option, in the frontend the labels are messed up, they are one above another. If i set the"grip step" to a certain value, i see that the labels, after i move the slider, are changed. How can i set a fixed value?

I need to say that, as you suggested, that i have the  sliders with"dynamic recount" -->"yes" because they were displayed even in categories where the corresponding attribute had no values. So i was forced to set this method.

What i'm trying to achieve is to have the labels correctly displayed in the frontend.

So can you explain if the slider is working correctly and how it works? I let you the site details in private if you need.

Thank you!

I would like to add that you can check this slider:

Category -->"Mezzi"

Section -->"Dimensioni mezzo (espandi)"

Slider -->"Altezza vano di carico (mm)"



Please  update  the  plugin  to latest  version -

I can't seem to reproduce these errors. After moving the slider, all values remain in their places -

These are not the sliders affected.

You can see here:

The slider that you have tried have fixed"grip step".

Thank you!


Ok! I  got it(bug).

Can  you  add  FTP  access? I  will  fix  it on Monday

Thank you, i've added the ftp access.


Please do a test

Now the labels are not one above another but i don't understand why they change after i use the slider.

Is this normal?

Thank you


This shouldn't change now -

Ok they don't change now, thank you.

But i think that i've discovered another problem, look here:


I think that i've understood how it works: if the filer has only one value, it doesen't show up, so if i filter for"volumetria" 3,2 since alla the products has the same value like in"altezza veicolo" the slider isn't shown?

Is my understanding correct?

Thank you!


Is my understanding correct?  - Yes

ok thanks! :)

Just one information: since you have fixed the sliders manually, can i safely update when a new version of the plugin will be released or the fix will be overwritten?



this will be included in the new version

ok thank you very much!