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Product with 4 variables (problem in the title of the variations)

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Hi, my idea is to buy the PRO version of this great plugin.  I have several stores with a lot of products, it will be very very useful to me.

I have installed your plugin to test it, but in the product with variations the title of the variations is the same as the title of the product itself. It's a mistake? Or do I have it wrongly configured?

Title: Simpson drawing

Variant 1: Simpson drawing
Variant 2: Simpson drawing
Variable 3: Simpson drawing
Variant 4: Simpson drawing

I don't know why I can't get the real name of each variant. In total I have 756 variations. Since there are 4 extensive variables and when combining the 4, it adds up to 756.


Note: I do not speak English, I am using the google translator. 




Hello Alejandro

Deal in that variations is not products and their name is the same as the parent has, so in WOOBE its disabled to avoid confusing

Even woocommerce self not provide such ability. If you have another opinion or examples please share it with us ...