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Product variations are not visible

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Hello. Let's see if someone can help me please.

I wanted to know why the variations of the products are not seen in the list? In its place a symbol appears.

Attached image.

Greetings and thank,

Hello Santiago.

Paste your license key here - ->

I checked your screenshot, it looks like everything is working correctly

Please  watch  a  video -  AND

Hi, Pablo.

The problem is that if I don't see the different variants, I don't know how to price each one. I do not know if I explain myself? All prices are different.

Attachment screenshot.



I understood you.

Please  read  this -

how it should look -

Hi, Pablo.

Thanks, it works perfectly.

I have another problem, I try to filter the articles but the filter doesn't work, I don't know why. Could you help me please?

I am attaching screenshots.




The filter works for parent products, watch the video for bulk editing exact variations -

Hello again.

I've looked at the video but can't find the option I need.

I only have 22 products on my website but each one has many variations, I would need to have a list of the variations, to be able to sort them in an Excel sheet and then modify the prices. I think that is not possible with this plugin, right? Each variation is priced differently. (

If I can't do it like this, I don't know how I can do it?



This  video with  start time -

Check  an option -  and  check  variation - - which you want to edit


I have requested a refund through Codecanyon because it does not work for what I need and the Spanish translation is not correct.

Greetings and thank you,

Hello  Santiago

Unfortunately, this is no reason for the  refund


I describe some of the errors of the plugin:

- Variations cannot be filtered (very serious error).
- The way to edit the variations is very slow and tedious.
- The translation is very bad, at least into Spanish.
- When you try to make a bulk change it hangs or takes a long time.
- Etc, etc, etc ...

I think there are compelling reasons for you to apply the refund.

Greetings and thank you,

Hello Santiago.

Variations cannot be filtered (very serious error). - I have provided you  documentation on how to work with variants.  And we have not announced a different way of working with variants anywhere.  And we cannot be responsible for the functionality that was invented by the user.

The way to edit the variations is very slow and tedious./When you try to make a bulk change it hangs or takes a long time.  -  Yes, but it depends on your server and the device you are working on

The translation is very bad, at least into Spanish. - We, as developers, provide only English translation, and our plugin is fully prepared for translations into other languages according to all Wordpress standards - аnd we are responsible for this. Translations into other languages are created by users or with the help of automatic translation.  And these translations are not included in the plugin package we sell.

the plugin also has a free version so that the user can check the functionality - But you didn't use it

If you disagree with me please open a dispute on envato