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Product filter doesn't work on all of the product pages

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We  use the pro (paid) version ot the plugin on this website, all of the main menu items are shop pages (shop and shop category pages):

The filter doesn't load properly on all of the shop pages, sometime it appears with simple "text fiorm field", instead of the proce range filter and with simple checkboxes (without css), instead of the expected category filter with the icon for collapse the category.

Unfortunately, the wrong behaviour seems to be random, there is no rule for proper load.

If the filter load, than the category filter checkboxes work properly, but the price filter is wrong. After the setup of the price range, the the module either shoms the wrong view or doesn't filter properly the products. It means, the result of the price range setup results wrong view or zero product etc.

Please be so kind and help to fix the prblem.

Thank you very much!


Paste your license key here - ->

Describe in more detail what I have to do to get the error


Purchase code is added to the hidden data.

Just try to use the filter please, I also added some image about the first failure, thank you

do you  use  some  JS  optimization  OR  cache?

Can  I disable  plugins/theme  to  test? - this error appears if I add any text to the link


We don't use cche plugin currently.

This is a live page with ongoing campaing, so it is possible to test is only for very short times. We are in UTC + 2 time zone, so if it possible, please test it without the local working ours.

Thank you very much!



As it alive site I can suggest you make clone of the site for testing by this plugin and I will make tests there


Should we send you the backup files? If yes, please give the email address. Thank you.


Please  check  in private  data