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Product attribute filters dissapears

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I have web shop that has multiple filters like dropdowns, sliders and multiselect dropdowns. For some reason the dropdown and multiselect dropdown filters disappears when I use sliders so that the shop does not find any products. I can get the controls back if I change"Hide empty terms" to"No", but that will affect the dropdowns so that they are showing options that does not have any matching products.

Is there a way to keep the dropdowns on the page and still have the"Hide empty terms" set as yes? I would like to keep the empty dropdowns even though that they don't have any valid options.

And one more thing: I have a dropdown that should affect the selection of the another dropdown. This can be easily done by enabling autosubmit, but autosubmit has an issue with sliders that if you move two sliders quickly enough, the page picks only the first change and ignores the another slider change (because every change causes post). I tried to attach to dropdowns change event (chosen and pure JS) and click the filter button when dropdown change is done, but was unable to get it working. The chosen change event directly does not work. With JS SetTimeout I was unable to get it working for one selection, but when the user selects another value from dropdown nothing happens.


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