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Product appears after "Reset" button that should be hidden

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When you filter by a category, then click "Reset" the product Custom Traffic Control Truck appears even though it is not a category I have set for the filter. If I turn ajax off, the problem goes away and the wrong product does not appear after reset. But I really want to keep ajax on.

The only products that should appear in the filter are categories 802 and 3471


Use  attribute  taxonomies for  shortcode [woof_products] -

I'm confused. I'm not using shortcodes currently. I have a designated shop page. I'm using the settings in the plugin (woocommerce>settings>product filter) and I'm using the woof filter widget in the shop sidebar.


What  you use   to  show  products  on this  page?

For some reason, the plugin cannot determine the current category

The products appear there because this is the shop page designated in wordpress:

If I remove the shop page designation and use the shortcode instead, can I still use the woof widget in the sidebar?


I'm a little confused: - The shop page should show all products!

can I still use the woof widget in the sidebar? - Yes!

I don't want the shop page to show all the products. Is this why the unwanted product is showing up after "Reset" button is clicked? How do I fix this?

Here are the woof settings where I only want these two categories to show up and be filtered:


To show  products

[woof_products taxonomies="product_cat:802,3471"]

I did it! I reconfigured the page using the shortcode.

Any suggestions to get the ajax to work now? It was working before I used the shortcode :(



Try  [woof_products taxonomies="product_cat:802,3471" is_ajax=1]

It works! Thanks so much for you help! (:


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