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price slider shows no items

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After using priceslider no products are shown.
Look for example on;
other filterattributes work fine


Paste your license key here - ->

Try  to  test  it  with  native woo  price  filter

key send...
How to use native version?


Try  to add  this  widget -

Done, but it doesn't fix the problem


Even if the native filter by price does not work , then the problem is not in the filter.

My  test - - everything seems to work


I tested and for a moment i thought it was fixed.
But i wasn't looking good... i've also examened your video...

@7 - you've activated filter 21-2321... 5 items show up, but in that pricerange there are far more products
@28 sec; 4th result is outside the selected range and still only 4 products. I'm really sure the category laptops has more products inside range 20-1050


As I wrote above, you can disable my plugin  and  test  it  with native  woo  price  filter. The result will be the same!

The problem is not in the filter, it looks like the problem is in how the data is stored on your site

Did you import products or add them manually one by one?

 I'm really sure the category laptops has more products inside range 20-1050 - Ok!  Try to go to the page for editing products that did not appear in the search result. Just click on the "Update" button.  And check the same search( Price range 20-1050 )

product are imported by cronjob

it looks like the products are not imported correctly