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Price and Color Not Showing On Structure Page

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I for some reason do not have price and color as checkboxes on my structure page and really unsure on how to get them or other items there.  There is no add section or the like so why aren't they there?


Paste your license key here - and  wp-admin access -


Added, thank you


do not have price - - fixed

and color as checkboxes - But you don’t have such a taxonomy.  please  create  attribute "color" or any name

Thank you!  Ok, I have created Color, Size, Age, and Material.  How do I get those on there?  Can you tell me why I can't do it on my end?

Wait, it pulled them!  I think that I am good.

So appreciate all your help.  Have one more issue.  A few of the dropdowns seem to not fully scroll all the way to the bottom.  How can I fix this so that all the fields are visible and can be gotten to?

This looks to only be an issue currently on the home page.  The other pages after narrowing down the search don't cut off the bottom sections of the scroll.


This is a conflict with the styles of the current theme -

Try  to add  this CSS :


overflow: unset;


I have added to both areas of CSS...the theme css and the plugin css.  Seems some is fixed, but still some visual issues in areas.  What else could we try?  You are welcome to login and adjust as you see fit to test.


Please drop me  screenshots  with the issue

Sure it seems like some have a finalized bottom while others like this don't:

I also am noticing it more maybe on mobile.


Add this  css:

body .sidebar,.widget.WOOF_Widget,.widget.widget-woof{



Thanks that seems to work!


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