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Pre-sale questions on two products

(new from 01-07-2019)
HI, I’m interested in two products.
First WOOBE - WooCommerce Bulk Editor Professional
  1.  I need to create custom tabs for Technical Specs.  How would I go about doing this?  I’ve been reading the help docs but can’t figure it out. 
  2. How do I find a meta:_woocs_     to add to meta fields?  
Next the Taxonomy Chain Menu. 
  1. Does that work on every page or only on product pages?  I would like to run it across the top of my page in the menu area.   So I understand right, I can set up only product categories?
Thank you

Also, on can I import new products using the cvs import?  Using WooCommerce Bulk Editor Professional


  1. Watch video please -


Taxonomy Chain Menu- You can use  any taxonomy( Hierarchical )

Try free version -