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plugin slowing all pages that include "page=" in the url

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Recently your plugin has caused all pages that include "page=" in the url to open really slow.

I deactivated your plugin and then everything works fine. Please look into it.


it's impossible. Plugin is included on one page only it does not affect other pages

I know it's impossible cause it worked fine for first few days. Then I bought the premium version.

If your plugin is deactivated then everything works smoothly. If it is activated back then all the pages are slow again.

It's super weird!

Can  you  drop  me  wp-admin  access - ->  I will  check it

Perhaps the pages load more slowly after you change the product data?

no. Just activating the plugin is causing this. Even if the plugin is not used and just activated.

I have added the admin login details in the private data section.


Ok! I got it.  Please  drop  me  FTP access

submitted the ftp data


Please  do a test


All the pages are opening fine now but your plugin is not working any more.

It loads for some time then throws

504 Gateway Time-out


I checked everything worked fine

Your server has insufficient resources

Can I  disable  plugins to  test?

My  test -

That's weird. As you can see:
Everything loads up fine, but the plugin never opens up now.

It was working super fast earlier at the same number of products. And since then I have increased my server capacity and speed by 4 times.

How did you managed to open the plugin on your side?

I have now reinstall the plugin but still the same issue.

Also all the url with "page=" are slow as well.


How did you managed to open the plugin on your side?  - just went to the plugin page

Can  I disable  plugins  to  test?

I have also installed the "Health Check & Troubleshooting" plugin.

So you can use that also, if you want.

Just don't disable the "Import Shopify to WooCommerce" plugin for now. I am doing some importing of data.


Please  check  your  access -

I just updated the url.

Have update the info now. Please check


Please  do a test

It is still very slow. Every query takes a lot of time. I even tried disabling many columns, now only 7 columns are active but it still takes a lot of time. Even decreased the "Default products count per page" to 20