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Plugin query - woocommerce filter by Woof - Urgent

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Hello Support,

We have identified this plugin and this suites our requirement. We need filters with slider and dropdown option. When we checked the demo, there is slider option See: But after installing and configuring the free version, we dont have that.

Is this slider option only available in paid version? Also can we set product attributes such as length, width etc as slider?

What we want is dropdown, slider option filters.


Please get back to me at the earliest. Thanks in advance.


Please  watch  a  video -

Read  this   -

Slider for attributes (taxonomies) is not available in free version


Hello Support,

Thanks for getting back to me.

OK, so for paid version its there right? Please confirm.

Also by term meta field, it means "product attributes" in woocommerce, right?

Please get back to me regarding above two points so that i can move forward with purchasing this.


thanks again.

Hello Support,

Please get back on the last thread. Waiting for your response.

Thanks again.


Also by term meta field, it means "product attributes" in woocommerce, right? - No!

there is a meta field(example) -  AND

Taxonomies  is - products categories, Tags, attributes

 Also can we set product attributes such as length, width etc as slider? - Is taxonomy  OR  meta?


Please see this screenshot:

What we need is these attributes to show as slider. In the above screenshot, you could clearly see that length contain values - 1000, 2000, 3000 etc.

We need this as a slider in the sidebar. Is it possible or not?

Please get back to me.


Yes!  please watch a  video - -  This video describes how to make a slider


OK, we have purchased the module.


But the length, width slider filter is not working properly. See:

When sliding, its showing as no product available. Why? Also i can see the after flitering, the layout is having issue: Why?

Please get back on these two issues.

Waiting for your response. thanks in advance.


 Also i can see the after flitering, the layout is having issue - Please  disable  ajax  mode

Paste your license key here - -> and  wp-admin+FTP access -

Hello Supp,

Please find the wp admin and ftp access provided. Before accessing, please provide your ip address to whitelist in our server.

Waiting for your response.


I Added  my IP  in private data

Hello Support,


Done, we have whitelisted your ip. Please check now.


Please  check your  access

My test - - it seems to work correctly

Hello Support,

No issue is still there. OK i will show you.

See: This is the length and width. Length is 1600 and width is 750.

See length issue:

See width issue:

In both cases, its not working.

Could you please check and get back to us at the earliest. We need to go this LIVE asap.

Waiting for your response.


Please do  a test