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Plugin not show products and icons not working

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Hi, I bought the premium plugin but after activating it it doesn't work, it doesn't show me the products and the icons are not displayed well, can you help me? I watched the video tutorials but I don't think there are any particular settings to do.


Please drop me  wp-admin+FTP  access  - ->  I will  check  it

we don't have FTP Access,

If you want we can give you ssh or sftp access, let me know


This is an open forum. Never post private data here!  In the previous message, I indicated where to insert the data

I highly recommend changing access as soon as possible.

i wrote in the private field the access

Ok!  Please  add  FTP access - ->

Can I disable  plugins to  test?


we don't have FTP access, if you want we can give you ssh or sftp access

yes you can disable plugin to test


Ok!  Please  add sftp access

Added SFTP credentials to private datas.

Thank you


Please check your SFTP access - Access denied

I've just tried and all worked, I can enter without problems...


Ok! Perhaps you have enabled IP restriction

I added  my  IP  in private  data

I saw that the password was wrong, so I changed it in private data. I'm so sorry.



Please  check init  folder -


What I need to check folder?
I need to do something?
Can you please explain?




On the screenshot you can see that your site is not in this folder.

It's because my site it's in another folder...

I didn't see anything in the plugin doc that indicates that the site should be in a specific folder...

You need to go to /srv/www/armeriainnocenti

Any news?
10 days are gone and nothing solved yet :S