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Optimising WOOF

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Hi Pablo

I have been using WOOF filter for a while now with great success and everything is working stable.  However I would like to make some optimisation to reduce MY SQL request load on server.  I have some questions on the options available in WOOF.

1 - with cache recount and terms option switched on does it cause incompatibility when using with wp super cache plugin, caching on for guest users only?  Should they work fine together?  Would it make sense to exclude all shop and product category pages in cache plugin with cache recount/terms switched on?

2 With cache recount/terms switched on does dynamic recount update when stock units are added or reduced via a new order?  (I understand WOOF cache would need to be flushed when new products added)

3 - Why does the option"hide empty terms" on and"dynamic recount" switched off, not work together?  I actually don't need to show how many items are in stock for a category but I do want to hide out of stock items.

4 - When using turbo mode, can one have"cache terms and recount" switched on, or does it work in a different way where these options are not needed?

Thank you


Paste your license key here - ->

1)  It shouldn't cause conflicts

2) This cache is cleared only by time in the settings

3) Check  this option please -

4)  Turbo mode does not make queries to the database and these parameters do not affect the speed

Thank you

I am testing the turbo mode on my staging site.  (login credentials for you in private area)

1 - Why do not all the categories appear on this page using turbo mode?  refer to my live site for exactly the same page

2- a) If turbo mode works on a site would you recommend it over using b) vanilla Ajax mode with cache option on for term and dynamic recount?  (option b seems to be working in a stable way for me on my live site at the moment and the speed has improved greatly.


  1. Try to recreate the search  file
  2. terbo mode - I recommend using it when the server is weak. If your server is powerful enough it is better to use simple ajax mode