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OneSignal notifications

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Hello! This is the best editor plugin I’ve ever seen. Thanks!
I use push notifications from OneSignal on my site. They are not triggered when the publication status is changed to “Published” using WPBE. When editing in a normal WordPress editor, everything works fine. I added a checkboxes column to the table using a meta field to call the send notification function (onesignal_send_notification), but this also didn’t help. Caching is not used. Do you have any ideas on how to fix this?


Please  drop  me  wp-admin+FTP access ( -> )   I will  check  it

The site is active and we do not have any idea who you are. This is why we cannot grant you full access to our own resources. We are ready to accurately reproduce all the necessary actions when you provide a consistent description of them. We will also provide the necessary technical information.


I am an employee of the Pluginus team.

I need access to my plugin and  to third-party  plugin "OneSignal".

Our security policy does not allowto grant this level of access to anyone. We will be happy to reproduce the necessary steps. You can also easily create a model site with the required set of plugins and settings.


ok! You can  create clone of your site by and send me access there (wp-admin + ftp)

Added data for working with a clone of the site. I also created several drafts in the standard way, and changing their status to "published" should trigger a push notification. The OneSignal plugin is connected to the new application on the server and tested successfully.


Try  in  file  - wp-content/plugins/onesignal-free-web-push-notifications/onesignal-admin.php - delete  this  code -  and  do test  please


Hello! There is no effect...


I checked   it. Unfortunately I did not find the reason

I am 100% sure my plugin calls  hooks 'save_post' AND 'edit_post'  after updating the post fields

You should contact third-party plugin support and ask why their plugin doesn’t hear these hooks.  Perhaps some conditions are needed.

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Так  же  этот совет  должен убрать вероятность  не  срабатывания  функций  стороннего плагина -



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