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need to insert pictures here

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Hi I need support but I can't insert screenshots here to show my problem (does not work the insert/edit), and link is not enough because visualisation changes with different devices.
How can I do it?



Use services to transfer images by link

OR  paste  images  on  your site  and  drop me the  link

Ok I send all docs in pvt

This is what u can see
cellulare: as it is on my phone (not on everyone): icon very near to the logo, can I put it after the shopping icon?
screen 1: the product pictures are shown as I like
screen2: only text, not pictures of the product. If possible I'd like to see them

On PC you see woof icon on the main menu, very little, can I have it more visibile after the shopping icon?


In your screenshots there is not a single filter that is related to my plugin.

  1. This is not my filter and it most likely depends on your theme.
  2. My plugin does not affect product templates

Hi thanks for reply
Could you please check now?
I turned off from my theme and nothing appears


Thanks :)

Sorry for asking again but my plugin is activated but I can't see anything, could you please check if everything is ok?


Please watch a  video -

Sorry, but I don't understand what should I check

My  test -  - filter works correctly. There is a problem with the template - please  disable  ajax  mode

Paste your license key here - ->


I dont' see the plugin working, I see nothing at all. I found other people have the same problem

Could you please tell me how to deactivate ajax mode? I don't find it


I have already put on NO"Try to ajaxify the shop"

How can i get a refund? Thanks


I dont' see the plugin working,  - I made a video for you( ) - - Describe in more detail what is wrong here

How can i get a refund? - You must have a reason to get the refund.  In my video, I proved that the filter works. 


You said:"There is a problem with the template - please  disable  ajax  mode", so you see there is something wrong I suppose.

What I see in the video is a page I can reach only using my filters at the footer, but it's not what I need to have.

I need a products filter that allows customers filter products by categories, tags, attributes independently.

Can you show Woof working in the different pages without using my filters and telling me what to do?




so you see there is something wrong I suppose. - Yes! Your theme is not compatible with ajax mode. But filtering works correctly, it's just that the product display template conflicts with the ajax mode

One more time I ask you,  please  watch  the  video -  - it is very important. You will not be able to configure the plugin as you need without studying the documentation. Setting up your site is not included in the support

Can you show Woof working in the different pages - Ok!  Please  drop me  wp-admin  access/ This access does not work -