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Multiple Errors

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Hi, I have a couple of issues....

Issue 1
I have been trying to create bulk variations for products and I am getting an error after about a minute or so of processing time. The variation count ranges from 600-1300. I've checked the server memory and it appears to be adequate.

When I check if the variations were created via woocommerce, most are there. It seems the plugin is timing out and not able to successfully execute the creation process.

Issue 2
Once the Bear Bulk Editor Pro plugin is enabled, when I try to add a new product in woocommerce, I get this error
Once the plugin is deactivated, everything functions correctly again.

Current version of WP is 5.7.2, Bear plugin, PHP 7.4.19

I am trying to wrap up our site build and need to get this resolved asap. Would greatly appreciate your speedy assistance here : )

Hi Pablo, issue 2 seems to be caused by caching issue with cloudflare. Now resolved.

I still have a problem with Issue 1 though.

Figured out what is going on....the plugin is generating an error message and you are forced to terminate the variation creation process. However, if you check the woo product's variation tab, the variations are in fact created correctly. For some reason your plugin is not able to show the process was completed successfully, instead it throws an error. This happens when you create variation combinations over 200+

I should have checked this sooner as I have lost days with this problem!


Ok!  Great

This happens when you create variation combinations over 200+ - Thank you for info. I'll pass it to the developer