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Mobile : all filters are displayed not only those rellated to product / not run with JS Minified

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The support doesn work on Saturdays and Sundays, so some Friday requests can be answered on Monday.

On mobile:
1 / When you are on a category page: in the filters tab, only the attributes corresponding to the products are displayed.
But on a product page, in the filter tab, all the existing attributes appear! ??? While I want to display only those related to the products of the category, like on the category page ...
2 / Still on mobile, if I minify Javascript with WP Rocket; the Filter tab no longer appears on product category pages ... You could tell me which JavaScript to exclude, or another solution ...

Thanks for your help

Screenshots :


  1. When you're on a product page - this page doesn't contain any category information - it's a simple page. On any simple page, the filter will show all items because there is no data about the current taxonomy
  2. try  this  option - - if  no  luck - drop me  exact  link to the  issue


1. Lorsque vous êtes sur une page de produit - cette page ne contient aucune information de catégorie - c'est une simple page. Sur n'importe quelle page simple, le filtre affichera tous les éléments car il n'y a pas de données sur la taxonomie actuelle

C'est dû à la configuration de Woocommerce ou ça vient de moi, de ma construction de modèle de page produit ?

Hello Merci

This is how Wordpress and the templating system work

The category page is the archive page.

The product page is the post page

This is defined in WP_Query

Hi Pablo,
1/I 've done it :"Optimize loading of WOOF javascript filters"
but in private window browser, filters on mobile don't appear...
2/Other problematic : in private window some filters appear (only title) whereas they are empty
and WOOF parameters"said" : don't show empty filters

Page link in Private data box...
Thanks for your help


You are using the wrong JS optimizations -  - this code should not be, it is absolutely wrong!

Check in the optimization settings, and disable something related to loading inline scripts  and  clear  all  cache

And  fix these errors -

I have disabled the following options in WP Rocket:
- Report Javascript execution
- Load Javascript offline
Here it's ok, no empty filters displayed !...

But new problem with Minified CSS (with WP Rocket), on mobile version  :
the filter tab don't appear on category pages, it appear well on product pages...
Thanks again


It looks like it has nothing to do with my plugin

My  test  - - It's styles  of your  bilder