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Meta key lookup not pulling the field information

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Hi, I'm currently testing WPCS and so far so good, I have an issue with using the following shortcode though

[wpcs_price meta_value=any_meta_field_key]

when I change this to

[wpcs_price meta_value=regular_price]

It is not pulling the field information in and it just placing a 0 (zero) number instead. I'm using ACF and a number field on the backend to store the data.

Could you please advise on this as this is the only plugin I can find to do everything I need especially this meta key lookup.



Are you sure this is the correct meta field key? Also, this field must store a numeric value.

You can see here this is what I'm using sir

If i can get this working, then I can purchase the full plugin, thanks


Please  check  this  data  in  "custom fields" tabs -

I have and, I sent you a screenshot, this is the field



It should look different -

Your screenshot is information of a third-party plugin and does not show the real meta key

Hi, finally I managed to figure out why it was not showing so this is the shortcode that I am now using and this is the correct meta key

[wpcs_price meta_value=field_5fb9732bdda1e]

As you can see from here, it is still not pulling the data through

If you want to log in and take a look then please let me know how to send my login details to you.



There are only two reasons why this doesn't work:

  1. You are using the wrong meta key
  2. The key is correct, but it does not store data in a number format

I recommend that you contact the author of this third-party functionality and ask how to find the correct key

OR  you  can check  all  meta  to your  post:


And you can see what keys the post has and what data it stores